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  • Frankfort-Schuyler students learn safety tips for Fire Prevention Week

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  • One by one, students in Joanne Feduccia’s fourth-grade class at Frankfort-Schuyler Elementary School exited the Fire Prevention House after a non-toxic, simulated smoke was released inside the structure.
    The students had to find the quickest and safest way out. Some escaped by the front door, some through a small side door and others climbed out the top window and down the ladder with the help of Frankfort firefighters.
    After exiting the building, the students had to go to the safe meeting place nearby which was marked by an orange cone.
    The Fire Prevention House, owned by the Herkimer County Fire Chief’s Association, is used to help teach children safe ways to exit a home in the event of a fire. Frankfort Fire Assistant Chief Stan Dorozynski said this helps to teach them the importance of E.D.I.T.H. - Exit Drills In The Home.
    Dorozynski said with the elementary school students, they emphasize “to have an exit plan, to have a meeting place and to not go back into the house regardless of what it is.”
    The Frankfort Fire Department had the Fire Prevention House at the school on Monday and Tuesday so different classes could have a chance to go through the house.
    Dorozynski said they also teach the children to stay low to the ground, if a room is filling with smoke.
    Dorozynski said they planned to be at Frankfort-Schuyler Middle School and High School on Wednesday.
    “With the high school students, we’re going to concentrate on student fatalities in college dorm rooms,” said Dorozynski. “The numbers are going up.”
    There will also be a firefighter combat challenge for students ages 16 and older. Dorozynski said five different stations will be set up like an obstacle course to test firefighting duties.
    Fire departments throughout the valley and state are conducting fire safety and prevention courses throughout their school districts this week as part of National Fire Prevention Week. Dorozynski said the focus for this year’s fire prevention week is safety in the kitchen. He said this is something they are addressing more to the high school students.
    “Don’t leave a stove unattended, or leave the stove on. Other problems can be a grease fire or overloading an outlet,” said Dorozynski.
    Dorozynski said it is with the cooperation of the school district they’re able to get the fire safety messages out to students.
    “The school district is very proactive with the fire service,” he said.
    Frankfort Fire Chief Charles Conigliaro said the department wants to remind students about fire safety measures, in hopes they will remind their parents about fire safety.
    Page 2 of 2 - “We want to make them little teachers,” he said, while at the elementary school on Monday.
    Conigliaro said they were assisted by Verizon Pioneers and 911 center staff to help teach children to call 911 and other emergency phone numbers.
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