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  • The Best Paraben-Free Shampoos

  • Say sayonara to potentially harmful chemicals with these hair-refreshing paraben-free shampoos.
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  • You’ve probably heard the term “paraben-free” tossed around in relation to beauty and grooming products. And if you have, you know it’s a good thing since people are touting it left, right and center. You might still be wondering, though: What are parabens, and why should I care about them? Parabens—methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben and butylparaben, as they appear on the ingredient label—are one of the most widely used preservatives in beauty products, and can be found in everything from moisturizers to makeup. While the Food and Drug Administration, which largely does not regulate cosmetic ingredients, does not believe that there is a need for consumers to be concerned about parabens in grooming products, some studies have shown that these chemicals may disrupt normal hormone function and increase the risk of breast cancer. We’d rather not take the chance—how about you? Here are five of our favorite paraben-free shampoos that offer up lots of other great hair benefits, too. RELATED: Detox Your Makeup Bag Brought to you by: Spry Living
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