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  • LUCAS GODLEWSKI — Little Falls baseball


    Profile of Little Falls Mountie Lucas Godlewski.

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    Team: Little Falls Mounties
    Sport: Baseball
    Position: Pitcher
    Age: 17
    Year in school: Senior
    Sport to play: Baseball
    Sport to watch: Baseball
    Athletes: Tim Lincecum and Albert Pujols
    Team: New York Yankees
    Subjects in school: Gym and Math
    Movies: Step Brothers and 42
    TV show: River Monsters
    Actor: Will Smith
    Song: ‘Go get It’ by T.I.
    Musician: 2 Chainz
    Food: Everything
    Explain what you enjoy most about your sport and athletics.
    I love baseball. I just enjoy playing with my teammates every day and am happy having such a great community support for our team. My favorite part is not knowing what could happen each pitch.
    What is your most memorable athletic moment?
    Last year when we played Sauquoit in sectionals and went 17 innings. I started pitching the first day and came back to finish.
    Tell us about someone who inspires you in sports and why.
    Bryce Harper from the Wahington Nationals After watching his documentary, it showed me to keep my head up and work hard. Good things will come from it!
    What are your greatest challenges balancing academics and sports?
    My greatest challenge is finding time to study and do homework, but also still be able to work hard on the field for my team.
    What are your plans after graduating from high school?
    After high school, I am going to HCCC to major in Forensics and play baseball. I plan to move on to another college and get a higher degree while I hopefully get to continue playing baseball for them.
    appeared in May 11, 2013 print edition of The Times