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  • ARMAND VISCOMI — Herkimer baseball

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    Age: 17
    Favorite Athlete and why?
    Albert Pujols because he is the most well rounded player in the majors
    Family Members?
    My parents are Chip and Mandy. I also have two brothers. The older one is Anthony and the younger one is Adrian.
    I have two dogs. They are both Shih Tzu. The older one is name is Appolo and the younger one is Athena
    What sports do you play at your High School?
    I have been playing football basketball and baseball since 9th grade and have continued to play them all the way up.
    What got you into playing sports?
    My father got me into sports. He really wanted me to play all sports. At age four I started playing soccer and it continued (with) football, basketball and baseball. My father has really (helped me) excel into the athlete I am now.
    What college do you plan on attending in the future and why?
    I plan on attending either HCCC or MVCC. I plan on playing baseball while I’m there. After the two year at either one of those schools I plan on going to SUNY-Cortland for teaching
    Major and Minor?
    I am majoring in social studies and minoring in Spanish.
    Any talents, or nickname you might have?
    My talent would have to be that I can remember anything that someone tells me. My nickname would be “mando.”
    Favorite coach and why? 
    My favorite coach would be my father because he taught me everything as a little child. He taught me to work hard and taught me to be a good sport no matter what happens. Also he taught me all these little drills to better myself in every sport I played.
    Most memorable experience in High School? (Relating to Sports)
    My most memorable experience would be when we won league championships back to back. We won it in football and basketball.
    appeared in April 24, 2010 edition of The Evening Telegram