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  • SAMANTHA GIRUZZI — Ilion softball

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    Team: Ilion Golden Bombers
    Sport: Softball
    Position: Pitcher
    Age: 17
    Year in school: Junior
    Sport to play: Softball
    Sport to watch: Baseball
    Team: New York Yankees
    Athlete: Mark Teixeira
    Class in school: Math
    Movie: The Italian Job
    TV show: The Event
    Actor: Shia Labeouf
    Actress: Sandra Bullock
    Musician: Taylor Swift
    Song: "Rolling In the Deep" by Adele
    Food: Pasta
    Explain what you enjoy most about your sport and athletics.
    I love the competitive aspect of it. Getting ready for the big games and when you win them the feeling is awesome. The teamwork aspect of athletics in general I love. Some sports it can be a one-man team, but in softball it’s not. No matter how strong the defense is, your teammates have to back you up on offense and get the hits to put runs on the board.
    What is your most memorable athletic moment?
    My most memorable moment would be winning the David P. Whalen Memorial Tournament and giving Mr. Whalen the chance to “bring home the trophy” on coaching his final home game. 
    Tell us about someone who inspires you in sports and why
    My mom Jackie Giruzzi (Moreau) inspires me in sports. When she was in high school, she was a pitcher just like me, with Mr. Whalen as her coach. She pitched some pretty tough years and games and led the team to some important wins. She is always at all my games no matter how far or how cold, and she is always there to remind me how hard I have to work and what I am doing wrong. When I have a bad game, she is there for support and that is important to me.
    What are your greatest challenges balancing academics and sports?
    Taking all honors and AP courses makes getting my work done difficult. After my games or practice I come straight home and do my homework, even if that means I have to sacrifice other things for it. My greatest challenge is making time for homework after long days at school and softball.
    What are your plans after graduating from high school?
    I plan on attending a four- year college majoring in Pre-Physician Assistant.
    appeared in June 10, 2011 edition of The Telegram